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“I have had the pleasure of working directly with Mr. Gates and his team on the recent UCR Campus Solar Roof Initiative project. The scope of work for this design-build project involved the design, construction, and installation of a substantial photovoltaic (PV) system on two separate campus buildings. The University felt a Design-Build Project Delivery method would be the best format to allow for creative and innovative results on this project.

The PV system was expected to provide the maximum generation of renewable power while preserving the existing architectural characteristics of the building. Stronghold’s team absolutely delivered on this objective. The team presented a design that featured a very low tilt angle which minimized inter-row shading. This allowed us to mount the arrays closer together without sacrificing overall output. The design also featured a dual- tile, East/West facing system. This feature minimized system wind exposure, which was a concern given that the University is nestled at the base of the Box Springs Mountains and is subject to high winds. In addition, the team worked with us to minimize roof penetrations which helped us to maintain our existing roof warranties.”

“As a principal at Vasquez Marshall Architects, I have over 25 years of experience working with contractors on both traditional Design-Bid-Build and Design-Build projects. We highly recommend the team at Stronghold Engineering, Inc. for outstanding project success and their professional approach to the design and construction process and project delivery […]. Stronghold’s team had the right balance of past experience, technical ability and flexibility to provide a very successful product, on time, within budget and in a safe environment. Their project controls met all of the user requirements and facility managers criteria while keeping the design and construction teams engaged and on schedule in this extremely complex, multi-phased project.”

“I want to give honor to your Stronghold team […]. I have been very impressed with their responses to my requests regarding jobsite issues, they have not given me push back on anything and that makes my job easy.  They have also done their installations with impeccable precision and beauty.  I cannot say that for other contractors.  I have worked with many contractors over the 29+ years that I have been with the University, and Stronghold Engineering stands head and shoulders above all the others.  It is my pleasure to write this letter of commendation and recommendation.”

“SEI’s management of the project was excellent. Throughout the project, SEI established and maintained a clear and transparent line of communication to the pleasure of all project stakeholders. The Project Administrator was very professional, personable, and resolution and detail oriented. The Project Manager was also professional, personable, and always very accountable to his word. The Superintendent was very customer-focused while also doing a great job managing his onsite workers and subcontractors. The President of the company stepped in at one point to resolve an issue of her own initiation, and did so with the Government’s satisfaction. The whole Stronghold team consistently demonstrated a sincere dedication to providing a superior service to the tenant Courts agencies. It was a pleasure to work with the Stronghold management team. They truly worked in a spirit of partnership with GSA and our Courts tenants.”

“You and your team from Stronghold Engineering Inc. performed outstanding on this $20 million project. I would like to also give special recognition to Mr. Curtis Barkle and Robert Stuart for their commitment to this schedule. This project was very challenging regarding schedule duration. This 143,000 sq.ft. exhibit hall space was required to be completed within short eight week window of construction duration. The scope required the work to be done at heights from 30′ to 60′ high working elevation for multiple trades simultaneously. This means that there were up 70 individual pieces of mobilized aerial booms and platforms maneuvering throughout the space on a daily basis. Your team provided a professional service in coordination, planning, safety management and quality control. Again, a much appreciated effort for your excellent leadership, integrity, dedication and hard work to complete this challenging project.”

“By way of information I have been a judge in San Bernardino County for approximately 21 years. At least 12 of those years have been in Department S12 on the 3rd floor of the historic courthouse. I would like to take this time to commend you the outstanding work that is being accomplished by your crew currently working at our facility […]. Last week I moved back into my courtroom after having been gone for approximately 6 months. To the extent that it is possible I feel I am in a new courthouse. Everything that could have been done to make the courtroom look wonderful has been done.

[…] Thank you for your attention to detail and your firm’s willingness to undertake this monumental task.”

Brian S. McCarville
Judge of the Superior Court, County of San Bernardino

San Bernardino Courthouse Earthquake Retrofit/Remodel – c. 2010

“During the California Science Center (CSC) final planning meetings, it became apparent to LAWA that significant construction resources were required beyond the CSC’s capabilities, Stronghold immediately responded by providing LAWA with the necessary resources, qualified staff, and construction expertise required to meet LAX’s very complex airfield restrictions and numerous high level security requirements. It is without a doubt that Stronghold Engineering, Inc. played a very key role during those critical days preceding the Shuttle transportation operation and during the actual transportation and closure phases. Please extend our sincere appreciation to your company […] for their extraordinary efforts to assist LAWA with the successful completion of this truly historic event.

Glenn S. Ito
Assistant Chief Airports Engineer, Los Angeles World Airports
Engineering and Facilities Management Division

Shuttle Endeavor at LAX – c. 2013

“Wow! The Pro Shop and Clubhouse are amazing! The building inside and out is equal to anything in town and surpasses all the Military facilities I have ever visited. You and your team are to be congratulated. You have made the MCAS Miramar Golf Facility state-of-the-art. I can’t wait to hear the kudos from the guests at the grand opening.”

“I am delighted to see that a business within my district is contributing to the improvement of our nation’s military infrastructure. Your company continues to not only benefit the United States military, but also contributes to the economic success of the Inland Empire.”

“My sincere gratitude is extended to you and the entire Stronghold team for working diligently with City staff and the design team. Knowing the challenges Stronghold faced throughout construction at this fully occupied and operational transit maintenance facility, your team exceeded our expectations. Notably, Stronghold’s ability to match existing aesthetics at the site design, is a testament to your innovation and solution-oriented approach of the entire project team.”

“This project had many challenges that the Stronghold Team faced with innovations and integrity. This is a testament to the solution-oriented approach of the entire Project Team. Your team has exceeded all of our expectations with the quality and attention to detail throughout the life of the project. This project undeniably demonstrates Stronghold’s commitment to the highest level of craftsmanship.”

“Without your commitment to a well done finished product with emphasis on meeting the customer needs, we would have not finished this very difficult project, on time and within budget. We had a very difficult design to work with, many different users and people to deal with. You were always professional and courteous.”

“By delivering the project on time and within budget, EMWD’s rate payers will immediately enjoy the benefits of the reduced energy costs at facilities.

Again, I find Stronghold Engineering to be an industry leader when it comes to Design/Build Constructin of Solar Systems, Utility Interconnection requirements, and the related electrical work.”

“Your firm’s overall willingness to assist in all aspects of this project exemplifies the dedication and teamwork indicative of true professionals. As such, I would also like to recognize those involved from your home and field office for their professional and responsive cooperation with my staff. The Navy and Marine Cops needs good responsive contractors and your firm is an outstanding example for other contractors to emulate. I give my highest recommendation in support for future government work to your company and again extend my personal thanks.”

“It is with great pleasure that I take this opportunity to commend Stronghold Engineering, Inc. on your overall professionalism and outstanding work performed on subject contract. Due to the effective management partnering and cooperation with the Customer and ROICC during both design and construction, to include field supervision and Quality Control, a high quality project was delivered which will enhance the moral, training and community support of our Marine personnel and their dependants.”

“This was without a doubt a very difficult project from start to finish from the perspective of requiring design, forensic studies, and a very challenging design and construction schedule to meet our customer’s expectations up to the plate, accepted the challenge, and provided the attention and resources required to design and construct the needed repairs and have the swim lake available to the public for the fourth of July holiday.”

“The cooperation and hard work of these individuals were instrumental in the successful completion of this project. Careful coordination and planning allowed the construction to continue with minimal impacts to our naval waterfront operations. The work was completed efficiently and ahead of the contract completion date with diligent administrative support.”

“Your successful completion of the subject Task Order warrants acknowledgement and sincere appreciation. Your company adopted a team-building process that created mutual trust and respect between the Government and Contractor personnel. Your open and honest communications resulted in resolution of problems within the terms of the contract and at the lowest possible level.”

“Your performance establishes you as one of our highest performing contractors. […] I would also like to express my appreciation to your entire staff and your subcontractors for their professionalism and extra efforts in maintaining safe operations while working on the Marine Corps Air Station.

It was truly a pleasure to work with your firm and subcontractors on this project.”

J.P. Beckett
Commander, Civil Engineer Corps
United States Navy
Resident Officer in Charge of Construction

Air Pollution Abatement at the Marine Corps Air Station, Camp Pendleton, CA – c. 2001