Yuma, AZ

Back in 1928, the Army Air Corps operated fabric covered bi-planes from dirt runways. Today, the 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing fills the perpetually blue skies with attack aircraft. Tomorrow brings the next generation of attack aircraft, the F-35, the most technologically advanced object built by man, and Yuma will be its home. That is where Stronghold comes in on the Yuma Infrastructure Upgrade Project.

Teamed with dck /Ttec, Stronghold was committed to the massive P583 Communication Infrastructure Up-grade Project. Our part of this mission was not very glamorous or fascinating, in fact, once we were complete, you could hardly tell we were there at all. What you cannot see is the 49,000’ of trench-line, the 600,000’ of conduit, or more than one hundred communication manholes. You can’t see that we placed enough concrete to build a sidewalk around the city of Yuma, or that we installed enough copper and fiber optic communication lines to circle the earth, but, as the project came to an end, although you weren’t be able to see the work, it will have plenty of continued use as the U.S. Marines will have the upgraded infrastructure they need to last them for generations to come.