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Engineering and Construction

With decades of experience in the renewable energy industry and a commitment to sustainability, we at Stronghold Engineering specialize in delivering exceptional solutions for commercial and industrial renewable energy projects. We’ll make sure your project is completed with efficiency and excellence.

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For over 15 years, Stronghold Engineering has been a trusted name in renewable energy engineering and construction. With a track record of success spanning over 31 years, our experienced team is dedicated to creating solutions that match the needs of our commercial and industrial clients—safely, competently, and most of all, with integrity.

Our Team is Committed to Quality Engineering and Construction

Our commitment to quality engineering and construction goes beyond just a job well done. Safety is paramount in all our operations and we take pride in ensuring the security of our team and environmental protection during every project. We bring the same dedication to our customers while striving to build lasting relationships and customer satisfaction with every project we take on.

Our Renewable Energy
Engineering and Construction Services

We are meticulous in each one of our projects. When you partner with us, you can expect perfectionists who ensure every detail is considered and accurately executed. Our comprehensive energy engineering and construction services for commercial and industrial projects include:



Our experts offer technical guidance at every stage of the project lifecycle. We provide innovative engineering and construction solutions to ensure compliance with local and federal regulations applicable to our commercial and industrial clients.


Site Inspection

Our experienced team members will conduct a thorough inspection of the project site and provide comprehensive reports and recommendations.


Project Design

We’ll expertly develop detailed designs that meet the demands of every commercial and industrial project. We use advanced engineering software to create accurate models and simulations.



We have the ability to source from a variety of trusted vendors and bring best value to each and every project that we are on.


Project Management

We provide project management services to ensure timely completion of projects and quality control throughout the course of the project.



We provide trained and skilled construction professionals to execute the project with quality and safety at the forefront.


Operations and Maintenance

We have a team of professionals that keep installed systems working optimally at peak output for the systems lifespan.


Take a look at some of our favorite projects over the past few years.

Stronghold Engineering Has You Covered

As a leader in renewable energy engineering and construction for commercial and industrial projects, Stronghold Engineering is dedicated to going above and beyond in exceeding the expectations of our clients. With an EMR of 0.70, our team of expert technicians is committed to safety excellence and providing innovative solutions with every project.

Let’s Start Building

From large-scale solar power systems to smaller installations for your commercial or industrial projects, Stronghold Engineering has you covered for all your renewable energy engineering and construction needs. Contact us today to get started on making the future of energy a reality.

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If you need the finest building construction services that meet the highest standards of safety, look no further than Stronghold Engineering. We know what it takes to deliver a successful construction project and we’d love to partner with you. Contact us today to learn more about our services!

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