WEst Riverside Landfill Photovoltaic Project

West Riverside Landfill

City of Jurupa Valley, CA

This project consists of the design, procurement, and construction of an 8.2 megawatt (MW AC) grid-tied, fixed-tilt solar project on the former West Riverside Landfill site located in Riverside, California. The project site is comprised of four separate parcels, totaling approximately 74 acres with a closed landfill encompassing most of the site. The West Riverside Landfill was operated by the County Department of Waste Management as a Class II solid waste disposal site from January 1964 until its closure in November 1983.

The project has consisted of installing a panel racking system using weighted ballasts to avoid penetrating or damaging the landfill cover system. All medium voltage wire and conduit is surface mounted and run within and near the array field and includes explosion resistant couplings and connections. The system will tie into an existing Southern California Edison substation located in close proximity and adjacent to the project site.

Upon completion of the project Stronghold Engineering Inc., shall own, operate, and maintain the solar system and the landfill site consistent with the updated and approved Post Closure and Maintenance Plan.