Naval Base

Point Hueneme, Ca

Stronghold Engineering, Inc. served as the prime contractor for this $1.0M project to install photovoltaic (PV) solar panels on the roof of a new carport parking structure, with the goal of reducing peak electrical demand and energy cost. Scope of work included installing underground conduit systems to carry conductors from the solar panels at the carports to the inverter systems approximately 150′ away, which entailed saw cutting and subsequent patching of the existing asphalt and concrete. From the final conduit stub-up locations, a series of switchgear was installed in two locations, including a DC power-fused disconnect, power inverter, transformer, and utility disconnect with metering. A lighting system was installed under the carports to enhance parking accessibility for nighttime Air Force employees.

The solar panels are connected in series and feed power back to an inverter that changes the collected solar power to useable house power for the adjacent building. When the power consumption demand at the building does not require the full output load from the solar panels, the unused power is distributed to Southern California Edison via the power grid connection. This nets the Air Force a cost savings rebate from the local utility company for the surplus power produced by the system.

Stronghold’s project management scheduled all project activities, including staggering closures of parking lot lanes, to mitigate construction impact on the base’s operational capabilities and alleviate disruption to users in two nearby facilities. This project was required to comply with the local utility company’s requirements for interconnection, including Rule 21 and the Generic Interconnection Checklist requirements. In addition, Stronghold coordinated the base’s permits and power rebate application.