March Air Reserve Base

Moreno Valley, Ca

This photovoltaic (PV) array project consisted of the installation of a PV System at March Air Force Base in Moreno Valley, California. This 413.38kW system sits atop five (5) carports located on the base. As constructed, it is expected to have an annual energy production of 711,690kWh and will decrease the base’s energy costs by more than $650,000 annually. With respect to the PV’s superstructure, the carport was designed and installed with concrete footings and an attached steel structure, which was connected to the solar panels. The solar panels are connected in a series and feed power back to an inverter that changes the collected DC power to useable AC power for the adjacent building. When the power consumption demand at the building does not require the full output load from the solar panels, the unused power is distributed to Southern California Edison (SCE) via the power grid connection. This nets March AFB a cost savings rebate form the local utility company from surplus power produced by the system.