ROYBAL federal BUILDING and u.s. courthouse


Los Angeles, CA

Stronghold Engineering and CannonDesign teamed to provide extensive repair and alterations to 12 floors of the Edward R. Roybal Federal Building and U.S. Courthouse in downtown Los Angeles. The work involved repurposing existing courtrooms and renovating existing court-occupied space for general office space assigned to the U.S. Bankruptcy Court (USBC), the U.S. District Court (USDC), and Pretrial Services. Relocation of the Circuit Library with an all new design is a major feature of the design. The project was constructed in five phases over the course of 18 months.

The Design Build Team collaborated to develop a phasing plan that would cause the least disruption to existing agencies, while keeping the building operational throughout construction. The Architect team designed swing spaces for temporary relocation of courts staff within the existing facility during the remodel. Design services included schematic design, design development, construction documents, detailed phasing plan, cost estimating, site investigation, site measurements and verification, code compliance, and contract administration, contract close-out.

The scope included demolishing existing court rooms to create open air office spaces, upgrading finishes to court rooms, building a new circuit library, building two new intake areas for the public and building the new Pretrial office space. The project also involved building out swing spaces for use during construction as well as the activity of managing the move of employees in and out of swing spaces. All work was done during the night hours and turned back to a fully operational facility for the daytime hours. Stronghold worked to minimize the impact to every day operations of the building and ensure the GSA’s expectations were exceeded.


Stronghold consistently adhered to the contract, and held their subcontractors accountable to the contract as well. There were no safety or health issues, and not a single recordable injury throughout the entire job, which included 106,054 work hours. Also, the contract required that at least 50% of waste be recycled. SEI recycled over 85% waste.

I would be pleased to work with SEI on future projects.

Krista Miller
GSA Contracting Officer
General Services Administration