Naval Medical Center

San Diego, CA

Stronghold Engineering, Inc. served as the prime contractor for this $2.5 million design build project that called for complete renovation of the obstetrics facilities, including the labor and delivery department, mother infant unit, and prenatal special care unit at the Naval Medical Center in San Diego, California.

Remodeling revolved around the themed design concept developed during the design process. A high-end interior design firm was engaged to recommend corresponding design elements and special architectural features such as the birthing wall design in the LDR rooms. In addition, the project involved medical gas systems in the patient isolation rooms, which were modified to allow enclosure in decorative casework.

Stronghold Engineering, Inc. implemented a fast-track schedule to allow concurrent design and construction, thus reducing the project’s timeline. Discussions were held to develop a construction phasing plan that ensured all work was performed without compromising safety or the normal operations of the facility. Constant communication from Stronghold’s on-site superintendent ensured that all parties were kept informed.

This project included a site-specific safety plan and activity hazard analysis to address pedestrian, resident and vehicular site activity. Weekly safety meetings were held with all on-site personnel as well as all subcontractors. The project achieved 100% accident-free operations and received an OUTSTANDING Performance Evaluation.


“Stronghold was able to address an extremely demanding project with difficult schedule requirements and provide a state of the art facility. They provided outstanding client focused design which addressed both function and the project’s strict budget restraints. They worked closely with the clinical team to integrate complex healthcare issues into the final plans. Stronghold’s construction team worked within a fully functioning hospital with zero safety problems. They teamed with the facility infection control professionals to guarantee that no adverse construction issues impacted with patient population. They also finely tuned their construction schedule to allow for all ongoing operations to continue unimpeded during the project duration. Stronghold worked with the facilities staff, the clinical team and NAVFAC to implement all program requirements while maintaining strong project control. The end result was a true collaborative effort that exceeded the expectations of the entire command.”

David Williams, Project Manager, Southwest Division