Naval Air Station North Island

San Diego, Ca

Stronghold served as the prime contractor on this project, which was part of a four (4) building historic renovation. The buildings were constructed in 1919 and are listed on the National Historic Register requiring all structural and aesthetic modification to meet Cultural Resources Requirements and match the existing historically significant features. The project included repair and renovation to a nine (9) story concrete tower and auditorium and a 40,141 sf administrative building. All new energy efficient HVAC, plumbing, electrical and fire systems were installed. New cabinetry was installed along with new ceramic tile wall covering and flooring.

This was a high profile project because it involved the U.S. Department of the Navy’s AIRPAC headquarters. Stronghold was detailed in all communication, sensitive to occupants of the administrative offices, and diligent in maintaining good housekeeping. A fast-track schedule was implemented to allow concurrent design and construction, thus reducing the project’s timeline. Stronghold launched a formal partnering effort to foster effective teamwork, maintained scope integrity, and ensured that the needs of all stakeholders were met. The highest level of quality control was maintained with an onsite CQC (Contractor Quality Control) Manager. The project received an Outstanding performance evaluation as well as local and national awards.


“The project team partnered well with the Navy throughout the project’s design and construction phases. Safety was demonstrated by zero lost time incidents. The contractor had a good coordination with base facilities and utilities when it comes to securing the work site properly.”

Hassett, Steve, Supervisory General Engineer, NAVFAC SW

“The product was outstanding…the flexibility and generosity of Stronghold was impressive…. Stronghold’s management went above and beyond our expectations to provide the government with a fine product…. The government looks forward to partnering with Stronghold on future projects.”

Ashley Blakely, ROICC Coronado, U.S. Department of the Navy