Junior Non-Commissioned Enlisted Quarters

Fort Irwin, California

Stronghold Engineering, Inc. served as the prime contractor for the $4M Junior Non-Commissioned Enlisted Quarters design build project, located at the National Training Center in Fort Irwin, California. The project created 18 two‑bedroom, single‑family units (each 1450 sq. ft.) with 300 sq. ft. garages. Each unit included private bathrooms, kitchen and living area. Community and service core areas included patios, garages and roads. Two units were designed as fully handicapped accessible to support the Army’s Exceptional Family Member program for soldiers with dependents with special medical conditions.

Fort Irwin, located in the Mojave Desert, is subject to climate extremes that require special design considerations. Stronghold conducted design charrette with the customer to create final designs that met LEED/sustainable criteria, including Title 24 Energy Efficiency Standards and state Seismic Zone 4 housing regulations.

Scope of work included design development, charrette and design quality control; earthwork and site preparation of 106,299 sq. ft., demolition, excavation, grading, trenching; storm drainage system, water distribution, sewer system, gas distribution; paving, concrete, curbs, gutters, landscaping and irrigation; wood framing, tile roofing, doors and hardware, windows; EIFS wall system, interior finishes, kitchen appliances, HVAC, plumbing; and carbon monoxide smoke detectors.

Energy‑efficient features included thermal insulation of R=13 walls, R=38 ceilings, solar power attic fans, Energy Star rated appliances, HVAC and water heaters, thermal metal doors, Low E dual pane windows, window sunscreens and air filtration barriers.

LEED/sustainable features included Xeri-scape landscape plan, low water usage landscaping, drought‑tolerant shrubs and trees, minimal turf for lower maintenance costs and consumption of water resources, recycled pulverized concrete paving as sub‑base, sand‑fill from local resources, improved air quality and recycling and waste management.


“No item of work is allowed to be installed that is questionable. Stronghold’s on site management team is tireless in their vigilance to ensure that no substandard work is allowed to remain in place no matter what the stage of work is. …Stronghold always takes an aggressive role to complete projects not merely on time but ahead of their legal completion date. …Stronghold has at all times while on project sites at Fort Irwin [cooperated] with the Resident Office Staff from day one of coming on site. They have at all times provided the highest quality of products, workmanship for any phase of their construction activities. …I find the dealings with Stronghold to be refreshing in that they are of the highest integrity and make any project a joy and pleasure to be affiliated with. Stronghold is committed to providing a superior quality project. Stronghold begins work with the attitude of forming a partnership with not only representatives of the Corps, but Post Government personnel and the end user of their projects. With Stronghold on a project site I am assured that the project will be safe, and that the finished facility will not only meet, but far exceed the contract requirements.”

Phyllis Holley, Construction Representative