Nebo Wastewater Treatment Plant

Barstow, Ca

This $3.1 million project consisted of constructing a new 18 ft deep concrete tank, 60 ft long ultraviolet light trench, a mechanical building and new ventilation in the existing pump building at the Nebo Wastewater Treatment Plant. The new Membrane Bioreactor Tank will replace the old sewer treatment structure with newer and more efficient technology without the use of the oxidation ponds by also using ultraviolet lights.

Massive research was conducted to find a company that could supply Stronghold with membrane bioreactor equipment that would work with the previously designed concrete tank. Stronghold reworked all hydraulic flows and had to meet existing power requirements to run all new equipment. Design changes were necessary to accommodate new HVAC and other equipment due to the lack of space in the new mechanical building.

The project’s many design changes were addressed through solution-oriented partnering processes, including bringing all parties together via numerous telephone conferences.


“The contractor worked very diligently with the errors and omissions of the specs and plans and the facility is above the expectation of the user. … The contract finished with zero incidents in the line of safety.”

Suk You Lee, ROICC Barstow