San Jose City Hall NOC UPS Replacement

UPS Replacement

San Jose, California

In January 2020, Stronghold was awarded the San Jose City Hall NOC UPS Replacement and was contracted for both the design and build aspects of the project. Work began onsite at San Jose City Hall’s network operations center (NOC) in August 2020.

Stronghold replaced the existing system (UPS A) and added another (UPS B) to provide a redundant system, installed new server receptacles in order to hook them up to redundant power, and installed 2 brand new ATS switches, a manual transfer switch, a generator docking station for a temporary generator, new lighting, fire alarms, and more. In every room that housed equipment, Stronghold installed new doors with panic hardware.

During construction City Hall was still functioning, which required Stronghold to work around existing operations. Through careful design and planning, there were no power disruptions.