Finlay Extension Siding

Finlay Siding Extension

El Paso, Texas

Stronghold Engineering’s Rail and Civil division was given the opportunity to work on this 5-mile siding expansion an hour and a half outside of El Paso, Texas. 

To make up for unpredictable conditions and a substantial amount of work added to the original project, Stronghold and our Team of subcontractors worked on an accelerated schedule leading up to the track installation, transitioning to a 7 day work week, with 2 different crews working 12 hour days until the track was successfully installed.

Throughout the entirety of this project that occurred adjacent to another railroad project, there were no disruptions to train traffic as a result of Stronghold’s construction activities. Additionally, thanks to great management and teamwork, there were no injuries or incidents on site through the entirety of the project despite fast-paced working conditions and the heat of El Paso’s summer months.