La Jolla, Ca

This design-build project consists of the demolition of the existing Children’s Pool Lifeguard Station in La Jolla, California which will make way for the construction of a brand new three-story, 1,900 square-foot lifeguard station. The new station improves the existing subterranean station foundation with new accessible restrooms and showers in the lower level as well as lifeguard locker rooms, a sewage pump room, and storage area. The primary design focuses on a sustainable design with a final facility having the maximum energy efficiency possible. Specific design goals include minimized energy consumption and maximum thermal comfort through effective use of day lighting and energy efficient HVAC systems, careful design for noise and vibration control, maximum occupant safety, and a USGBC LEED Gold Certification for the completed facility. The facility Plaza Level includes two workstations, a Ready/Observation Room, Kitchenette, ADA Restroom, and a First Aid station. The final Observation level includes a single occupancy Observation space, Radio Storage closet and exterior Catwalk. Final scope includes landscape and hardscape of the facility both for aesthetics and ADA and other local building codes.