Sound Attenuation & Energy Efficiency Upgrades at Maya PROJECT

San Diego Housing

San Diego, Ca

Stronghold partnered with the San Diego Housing Commission for the Sound Attenuation & Energy Efficiency Upgrade of the Maya Linda Apartments in San Diego. This renovation includes both an interior and exterior renovation of 132 units within the apartment complex. The interior of each unit is coordinated closely with tenants as this is a fully occupied building during construction. Within each unit, the sliding glass doors as well as all single pane windows are being replaced with dual pane windows that provided better sound protection for the building considering it is adjacent to the 15 freeway. Additionally, of the 132 units, 28 units include a design build upgrade to improve its HVAC system. Exterior improvements include the patch and repair of all existing plaster and complete re-painting and replacement of all window awnings. Upon completion, these upgrades will greatly improve the energy efficiency of the Maya Linda Apartment Building.