Point Mugu Naval Air Station

Ventura, Ca

Stronghold Engineering served as the design build contractor for the Navy on the Outstanding Rated Dry Utility MACC Project known as the Repair Navigational Aids and Lighting Project, Point Mugu Naval Air Station in Ventura, California. Stronghold self-performed 85% of the construction work and teamed up with the Lead Designer, Burns Group, in delivering this state of the art Project to the Navy. The project area consisted of Runway 3-21 (11, 102’ long) and Runway 9-21 (5,502’ long). The objective of the project was to repair, by replacement, the deteriorated airfield lighting navigational aids, lighting system, and associated infrastructure.

Specifically, the project included the following electrical and associated work items: replacing the Runway 3-21 and Runway 9-27 edge lighting system, the airport wide taxiway lighting system with new LED Technology, the existing electrical cable and conduit system, the simulated carrier deck lighting for Runway 27 and the associated control system and infrastructure. This included a new carrier deck lighting vault for the system. In addition, the project called for the conversion of the Existing Vault Building 359 from a 4160V to a 480V power distribution system. One of the biggest challenges of the project was to perform the power conversion with minimal disruptions to base operations for R/W 3-21. The team developed a CCR (constant current regulators) and a power distribution replacement plan that allowed for temporary dual 4160V and 480V feed. Thus, certain CCR’S energizing the main runway 3-21 lighting system could remain operational while the new 480V distribution system was being systematically installed. Accordingly, the airbase could continue to use the main runway while converting the vault to 480V input power. The cutover was performed in a one-day daytime work shift with little impact on operations as opposed to longer runway shutdowns.

New airfield lighting signage plan and signs such as Runway Distance Markers, Arresting Gear Markers, Taxiway Guidance Signs, TACAN Signs, “RF Silence” Signs, and Mandatory Runway Holding Signs were installed throughout the Airfield.

An existing pier, that extended into the Pacific Ocean, was replaced which included a sequenced approach lighting system and an associated control system. In working on the coast, a significant environmental plan was established. The tower also received upgrades and modifications such as the replacement of the control system and wireless communication system.


“Stronghold Engineering has been doing an outstanding job. Their project management team is very responsive, cooperative, and overall a great team to work with. The on-site team is superb. The superintendent is outstanding. He is very proactive and has worked very closely with the Air Operations Department to maintain Safety and work around AIROPS flight schedules.”

W. M. Crawley, Past Performance Questionnaire, date 17 Aug 2009