Ontario International Airport, Ontario, CA

Stronghold Engineering, Inc. served as the prime contractor for this $14.0 million, multi-faceted, fast track security enhancement project. The project required management and construction of eight miles of perimeter fencing, paved service roads, area lighting, secured access control electronics, CCTV and secured access control points (SAAPS). The SAAPS were double-gated sally ports with hydraulic wedge barriers, hydraulic bollards, electronic surveillance, command buildings, and guard shacks at Ontario International Airport.

The majority of the project consisted of installation and the upgrading of the supporting electrical system. Stronghold outfitted each of the guard shacks with electricity and telecommunications. For the perimeter, Stronghold installed 8′ motorized sliding gates, dispatch booths. In addition to the new gates new equipment installed, Stronghold ran all the fiber optic, radio and electrical. Security screening checkpoint equipment and a complex speaker system was also incorporated into the project.

In addition to the new gates and new equipment installed, Stronghold installed 50,810 feet of 96 strand fiber optic around the eight (8) mile perimeter without any splices. Security screening checkpoint equipment was also incorporated into the project. Additionally, security features were installed to support RF Radio Frequency allowing the gates to be accessed remotely by Emergency Vehicles. In total, 11 unmanned access points were provided, high speed gates were equipped with magnetic blocks, and road blockers were put into place. The fiber optic backbone was upgraded to support the added devices and configured to communicate with the server, then to sally port with central command.


“LAWA would like to thank Stronghold Engineering for an outstanding performance on the Airfield Perimeter Security Enhancements Project…Stronghold worked diligently with LAWA in the spirit of partnering to deliver solutions that met our schedule and budget constraints…Stronghold’s Project Team is one of the best we have worked with.”

Mr. Tadesse Bezabeh, Civil Engineer/Project Manager, Los Angeles World Airports