San Bernardino, CA

Stronghold Engineering, Inc. served as the prime contractor on this project which called for the seismic retrofit, partial interior remodel and historic renovation of the existing County Courthouse Facility, San Bernardino, Calif., which is an occupied building.

This project includes security monitoring systems, an telecommunications. he scope of work includes seismic upgrades to the Central Courthouse Building and Annex Building (T-Wing), interior remodeling to portions of the Central Courthouse Building and mechanical system improvements which include the replacement of the chiller and air handling equipment, rerouting or replacement of portions of the ductwork in both the Central Courthouse Building and the T-Wing Annex.

Work also includes replacement of all existing plumbing systems and most of the existing plumbing fixtures in the Central Courthouse Building, historic renovation including refurbishment of three historic court rooms, main corridors and exterior surfaces of the Central Courthouse Building and general building renovations which involve painting and carpeting in most areas of the Central Courthouse Building. With over 50,000 self performed man hours, there have been zero lost time incidents and zero safety violations.


“I feel extremely lucky to have sat in this Court long enough to see it remodeled and have no hesitation commending Stronghold. I have spoken with staff members and my colleagues who all express the same feelings. Thank you for your attention to detail and your firm’s willingness to undertake this monumental task”

Brian S. McCarville, Judge of the Superior Court