Marine Corps Base

Camp Pendleton, Ca

Stronghold Engineering, Inc. served as the prime contractor for this electrical repair and upgrade project for the O’Neil Heights Housing Area located at Marine Corps Base in Camp Pendleton, California. The project called for the design and construction of a 12kV electrical distribution system.

Demolition work included the removal of an overhead line, a section of an existing 12 kV underground power line, street light poles, distribution transformers, service power lines to the housing units, tennis court, recreation center, and sewer lift station. Demolition also included the removal of a metering station located at the vicinity of the Ferrari court.

New work called for the installation of underground and overhead power lines, kilowatt-hour meters, sectionalizing switches, manholes, hand holes, transformers, distribution boards, and street light poles. Team Stronghold also constructed an electrical loop feed system to create redundancy in the housing power system to increase reliability in the electric service to the housing area.


“Stronghold provided material and workmanship that consistently met or exceeded the contract specifications to the benefit of the government. Their team keenly managed the electrical cutover to deliver on time and minimize the effect on the housing residents. Their management team is a knowledgeable group of construction professionals that kept the project moving forward smoothly.”

Douglas Spence, PE, Senior Construction Manager, ROICC Camp Pendleton