Veterans Affairs Medical Center

Loma Linda, Ca

Stronghold served as the prime contractor for this $1.7M contract that called for expansion of the GI Department at the VA Medical Center, Loma Linda, California. All areas were renovated to bring life safety and fire alarm systems to current code standards. Few to no staging areas were available, which required effective logistical project management skills. The majority of this work was completed in occupied spaces while the facility remained in use, and in heavy patient/staff traffic areas. The scope of work included, acoustical ceilings and ceramic tile, electrical, HVAC, mechanical and plumbing, carpentry, conduit and painting, fire protection and alarm systems, demolition, signage, doors, windows and window shades, thermal and moisture protection.

Stronghold self-performed 30% of the work for this project, managing the entire design build process, which required excellent communication between all parties to ensure that customer needs were met. In many cases, multiple parties such as doctors, administrators and hospital staff were involved in the day to day design decisions; as a result, customer initiated changes occurred during construction. This required Stronghold to manage the redesign process while still meeting deadlines.

Working closely with the customer, Stronghold developed construction schedules that minimized disruption and impact to the working facility, while allowing adequate time to complete all phases of work with the highest quality standard. Careful and constant communications enabled each phase of the project to run smoothly, and made sure that all stakeholders’ needs were met and that minimal disruption occurred to users and patients. Stronghold maintained a zero accident jobsite, directly attributed to its excellent safety management. As a result of its efforts, Stronghold received an Outstanding performance evaluation and many outstanding letters of recommendation.


“…not only a SUPERB QUALITY JOB, but, also EXCELLENT product services for the VALLHCS and Veterans. During this project phase, I commend your OUTSTANDING performance and Can-Do-Attitidue…”

Leonoard A. Jimenez, Project Engineer-COTR, VA Loma LindaHealthcare System