San Nicolas Island, Naval Base

Ventura County, Ca

This design-build project called for the repair and upgrade of the Airfield Lighting System at San Nicolas Island Naval Base in Ventura County, California. The project consisted of constructing an Airfield Electrical System including: electrical power distribution, navigational aids, lighting systems, lighting control system, and incremental work. Upgrade to the airfield electrical distribution control and lighting system were performed to comply with existing Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR) regulations, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations, industry standards, and Base operational requirements. Specifically, the project consisted of: directional boring roughly 55,000’ to install 2″ PVC conduit for the new lighting backbone, digging holes for new lighting cans, pouring over 400 yards of concrete, and demolishing an existing regulator vault. New construction included a 150kVA transformer, 125kVA, 480/277V Generator back-up generator, and an automatic transfer switch for the regulator building. The new diesel generator was enclosed with stainless steel and outfitted to hold 72 hours worth of fuel. The Project Team also repaired the exposed 4160 volt distribution system and replaced it with a 480 volt distribution system, which included regulators, in the main regulator building. The new runway/taxiway lights were installed with new CCR’s (Constant Current Regulators). Eighteen (18) new RDM (Remaining Distance Marker) signs, TACAN signs, two (2) illuminated wind cones, and four (4) arresting gear markers were installed on the runways. Additionally, the project included the design and construction of a new lit helipad.