Travis Air Force Base

Fairfield, Ca

This $3.3 million project consisted of the replacement of the old 4160V system for a new 12.47kV power distribution upgrade of Substation A at Travis Air Force Base in beautiful Fairfield, California (home of the C-5 Galaxy). The Project Team achieved an outstanding performance evaluation through the use of highly skilled craft tradesmen like Linemen, General Electricians, Heavy Equipment Operators, Carpenters, Laborers and a third party Electrical Testing Company.

The Team installed no less than 76,000 ft. of encased 5″ underground conduit duct bank, 92,000 ft. of 15kV 350kcmil, 250kcmil and #2 cabling, 18 electrical man holes, 18 medium voltage switches, conversion of 26 existing transformers, a dozen service transformers and hundreds of load break, dead break, T body splices and terminations. This project also had Sub Station work, load centers, termination cabinets, indoor conduit runs, bollards and 37 directional bore crossings under road ways and parking lots.

The Team faced many challenges including highly congested existing underground utilities, heavy traffic and pedestrian use and the complex planning and coordination for the 21 power outages required (many of which were performed during weekend holidays and nights). Extraordinary efforts were given to ensure an absolute minimum impact for the many base facilities and users during the final switch overs from the old to the new system. All during the rainiest winter in 40 years.

Once the new 12.47kV distribution system was up and running, the Team performed the extensive demolition process of all the old obsolete electrical components and the restoration of the lush green landscaping, thereby creating the illusion that either the Team or the old electrical system had ever been there.


“Contractor performed work in an exemplary manner….Superintendent and Site Safety & Health Officer, Alain Dappen, did an incredible job of coordination and control of the underground excavation in a visibility area on a base with zero complaints from base leadership, and ensuring the project was completed with zero lost-time accidents…Government and contractor teams worked well together, and we welcome the opportunity to work with this contractor of future projects”

Lt. Michaels S. Collins, ROICC, Department of the Navy