Naval Air Facilities

El Centro, Ca

Stronghold Engineering, Inc. served as the prime contractor for this $2.9M fast-track design-build project to install Solar Photovoltaic Power Systems (SPVPS) for five (5) buildings at the Naval Base in El Centro, CA. This project was part of the American recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) of 2009, which aims to reduce carbon footprints through renewable energy. The SPVPS was installed on the roofs of each building which included demolition and replacement of each roof system. Each SPVPS supplies power to the building and feeds energy back into the power grid if/when there is an excess of electricity produced. The SPVPS consist of multi-crystalline photovoltaic modules, inverters, a monitoring system, combiner boxes, a racking system, a mounting system, a housekeeping pad, sunshade and fence.

A total of 966 multi-crystalline photovoltaic modules were installed to generate more than 208,000 kWH annually. The modules are Sharp, and were used in the design because of their high performance to cost ratio and their long standing track record and reputation for high quality and long life cycle.


“This was a very successful project. The Superintendent and Quality Control Manager were outstanding…Everyone was easy to work with, and showed a true interest in providing a quality product. This is the type of contractor that the Government needs for all construction work.”

Mr. Daniel Valdez, Construction Manager, NAVFAC SW