Palm Desert, Ca

Stronghold Engineering, Inc. is partnered with the City of Palm Desert to engineer, procure and construct solar photovoltaic power systems (SPVPS) on the roof of the corporation yard office building and construct a photovoltaic parking structure at the Parkview Office Complex in Palm Desert. The components for these systems were comprised of top quality and American made products in accordance with the ARRA “Buy American Act” and went through rigorous testing and commissioning procedure in accordance with the California Energy Commissioning guidelines for PV systems to prove the systems met and exceeded the owner’s requirements. Owner representatives are trained on the systems for safety precautions, fall protection requirements, system operation, and maintenance requirements. The systems will generate an estimated 135,471kWh during their first year of operation and an estimated 3,191,148kWh over 25 years. These SPVPS will supply power to each building, as well as, feed energy back into the power grid when there is an excess of electricity produced. The buildings are now expected to save tax payers up to $25,000 a year in energy costs.