Corona, Ca

Stronghold Engineering, Inc. was the prime contractor for this project that required construction of a sewage treatment dike along with associated maintenance / access roads and trails, fencing and gates, hydroseeding and storm water drainage systems. This regional flood-control contract is part of a larger project that will provide levee, creek and dam projects stretching from Orange County to the San Bernardino Mountains to provide the area with protection from a 190-year flood.

To protect wildlife and sensitive habitat areas, sound walls have been erected around the site of the treatment plant dike. Crews also worked on landscape design as a buffer between homes and the national housing tract dike and used water trucks to keep the dust level to a minimum given the high level of community interest. Community meetings have been held to keep the public apprised of the project’s benefits, requirements and impacts.

Stronghold also encountered archaeological artifacts, causing a suspension of operations in the area of identification, and partnered with the Army Corps through prompt execution of change orders until clearance was received.


“The contractor’s on-site staff was knowledgeable and cooperative. I would recommend this contractor for future work.”

Joseph Flynn, CESPL-CO-SR