Stronghold is quick to lend a hand to local organizations and individuals in need. Beverly Bailey, founder and CEO, emphasizes the importance of giving back as a way of recognizing what they’ve been given. The company has been built on the foundation of this idea.

The Stronghold team goes out of their way to reach out to local groups, organize fundraisers, and go above and beyond to serve others.

Blindness Support Services Christmas Celebrations

In 2009, Beverly came into contact with Blindness Support Services and saw a need for support. Every year since, Stronghold has sponsored a Christmas celebration for the Blindness Support Services Children’s Department and their families. The annual party includes food and interactive tactile activities for the children, followed by presents donated by Stronghold’s team.

Each year Stronghold places a Christmas tree in their lobby filled with names, ages, and gift suggestions for the children. Children ask for gifts that stimulate their senses, like sound puzzle boxes, sensory tactile stuffed animals, and shape sorting sets. 

Team members are able to donate the funds to buy gifts, and they don’t disappoint. For years, Stronghold has fulfilled all toy requests, hand-delivering wrapped gifts to the party. In 2020, the team bought tactile toys for 51 kids.

Over the years, Stronghold and its employees have contributed more than $35,000 to provide memorable Christmas celebrations to Blindness Support Services and its members.

Beatty School Outdoor Auditorium

After meeting with then Principal Hall in May 2018, a team of Stronghold employees spent their summer weekends at the Patricia Beatty Elementary School building a new outdoor amphitheater so the kids could do outdoor performances, assemblies, etc. The school was next door to the corporate office at the time, and Stronghold wanted to serve the school children and local community.

Stronghold completed all scopes of work, the team’s professional tradesmen and other employees volunteered their time, and Stronghold’s vendors donated materials to make this project a success. Stronghold partnered with local boy scout troops, and Stronghold employee Robert Stuart’s son was the project manager for the entire project to complete his Eagle Scout project.

At the end of the project, the company held a ribbon cutting ceremony with the kids and teachers to celebrate the new outdoor auditorium, landscaping, and lighting. After holding various fundraising activities, Stronghold team members purchased pajamas to distribute to all the classes on the day of the ceremony.

Stronghold donated over $26,000 in materials and labor to complete the Beatty School Outdoor Auditorium.

Harvest and Grove Churches Solar Projects

Beverly’s personal connections to Harvest Ministries and Grove Community Church led the team to a truly unique opportunity to serve in 2013. Each church was outfitted with a system of solar panels to help cut costs and decrease their carbon footprint.

Lamb Energy and Stronghold partnered to donate Lamb Energy Solar Panels, equipment, and labor to construct full photovoltaic systems for each church. Combined total services given to Harvest Ministries and Grove Community Church equaled more than $170,000.

On top of this great act of kindness, Beverly has personally and professionally helped the churches and local communities for decades.

American Heart Association Fundraisers

The American Heart Association (AHA) has received Stronghold’s support for years, participating in the annual Heart and Stroke Walks, Kickball Tournaments, and more.

The company gets involved as much as possible at the annual AHA Heart and Stroke Walk. In addition to walking in the main event, team members have participated in the event’s 5k run and Stronghold Motorsports sponsored a Kids Zone complete with bounce house, giveaways, and race trucks for kids to take pictures in.

Stronghold and Beverly have taken home the title of Top Fundraiser in the Companies, Teams, and Individual categories on more than one occasion.

At the Inaugural AHA Kickball Tournament in 2018, Stronghold employees banded together to compete against 20 other teams at Angel Stadium. The Stronghold Bolts played 6 games in 10 hours to earn the first ever AHA Kickball Champion title.

Over the years, hundreds of employees have taken part in the AHA’s events, and the team has raised over $100,000 for research and preventative care for heart disease and strokes.

Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital #Hoods2Help

Another one of Stronghold’s longtime charitable partners is the Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital (LLUCH). In 2013, the team presented the children’s hospital with a $12,500 donation to help pay for treatment of children receiving charity care. Stronghold’s most successful fundraiser for LLUCH to date was the Stronghold Motorsports Campaign #Hoods2Help in 2020.

In collaboration with MavTV and LLUCH, Stronghold Motorsports:

  • Recruited racing teams
  • Collected designs from and organized motorsports swag bags for LLUCH kids
  • Connected racing teams, sponsors, and kids’ designs
  • Wrapped vehicles in kids’ designs

Children whose designs were chosen were able to Zoom the racer to see the cars and wish them luck right before the race. Sponsors received thank-you packages that included the original drawing of the vehicle they sponsored. An online silent auction was held to raise further funds for the hospital.

Stronghold was able to donate $56,256.31 to the Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital thanks to the #Hoods2Help event.

YWCA Improvements to Grounds

In the late 90’s, Beverly was the lead for the Building and Grounds committee for the National Association of Women in Construction and was connected with the local YWCA. They wanted to add a computer lab, freshen up classroom space, and do something for their grounds that would create a safe, welcoming environment for single parents to visit their children.

Stronghold took action. After reaching out to subcontractors who donated time and resources for the indoor projects, Stronghold took the lead on the outdoor portion of the project. The team installed a basketball court, playhouse, and a patio area complete with beautiful landscaping.

Stronghold contributed more than $30,000 in materials and labor to rejuvenate the YWCA. In addition to this project, the team often participates in the YMCA Riverside’s Men Chili Cookoff, and each year offers mentoring and guidance to women in the YWCA Born Free Program.

Stronghold’s Charity Efforts 

These projects are just the tip of the iceberg. Stronghold has continually worked with Veterans groups, a cause close to the hearts of many employees. They’ve fundraised to send socks to troops in Afghanistan, built crosses for  Memorial Day, funded Christmas parties, and made generous donations to local veteran groups.

The team has done projects for United Way, held health fairs at their office and more. The charity work that the team does brings them together. It brings excitement and accomplishment to fundraise collectively and physically make a difference in the community and in the lives of neighbors and friends.

An employee-run Charity Committee was established to give the team opportunities to get together, take on initiatives, plan events to raise funds for charities, and decide where charity payroll contribution funds will be allocated. Stronghold’s charity efforts play a big part in the strong company culture that makes it a great place to work.

For more information on organizations that Stronghold has worked with, visit their Community page.