Thanks ABC SoCal & Congratulations on 50 Great Years!

The Associated Builders and Contractors of Southern California (ABC SoCal) is celebrating 50 years of supporting merit shop contractors in the construction industry across Southern California.  ABC SoCal’s merit shop philosophy states 

“Individuals and companies should be awarded business based on their own merits rather than factors such as union affiliation or political connections . . . The philosophy is based on free enterprise principles within the free market system, which is characterized by open and fair competition and diverse participants.”

Build a Sustainable Future

ABC SoCal focuses on training workers, providing resources to member businesses, and advocating for policies that benefit merit shop construction. 

Stronghold Engineering knows well the benefits ABC Southern California brings to both businesses and individuals in the construction industry and we wish them congratulations on 50 years of excellent work!  Many Stronghold employees got their start in ABC SoCal’s apprenticeship program, and our company has been involved with the organization for many years. Read on for more on how this symbiotic relationship has improved many lives in our area over the past 50 years. 

The Value of ABC Apprenticeships to Stronghold Engineering

Stronghold Engineering has benefited from ABC SoCal’s apprenticeship program in so many ways:

  • Access to Quality Employees: Many of our most valued and experienced employees, like Mike Dugal, got their start in construction thanks to the ABC SoCal apprenticeship program.
  • Extensive Training: The program helps Stronghold train qualified workers through a combination of classroom instruction, hands-on experience, and on-the-job training. This ensures a steady pipeline of skilled workers the company can hire upon graduation. 
  • Reduced costs: Companies like Stronghold Engineering don’t have to shoulder the entire burden of training new workers. The ABC apprenticeship program provides a structured curriculum and reduces the time and resources we would need to invest in training new hires.
  • Developed and certified workforce: Graduates of the program have a strong foundation in various construction-related subjects and relevant certifications. This ensures employers have a workforce that meets industry standards and can contribute effectively from day one.

Overall, the ABC SoCal apprenticeship program helps Stronghold Engineering address our skilled worker needs and build a qualified workforce.

Achievements and Recognitions Through ABC

Another emphasis for the Association is to recognize merit shops in the Southern California region for excellence in construction and we are honored to be so recognized. Here are just a few of the most recent awards and recognitions Stronghold Engineering has received from ABC Southern California:

2024 Top Performers list

Stronghold was named to the list in four categories: Overall Top 250 Performers (#112), Top 150 General Contractors (#55), Top Performers with Special Designations (#10), and Top 20 Military Contractors (#17).

Platinum level in ABC’s STEP Safety Management System for 2023.

Safety is a top priority for Stronghold and is one of our core values.

2023 ABC SoCal Regional Excellence Award,

which recognizes excellence in construction across various categories including quality of workmanship, safety record, employee benefits, training programs, and community relations, for our work on the Sierra College Rocklin Project

2023 Accredited Quality Contractor (AQC)

which recognizes highly performing, ethical contractors who are respected members of their communities 

2022 National Excellence in Construction® Eagle Award

for our work on the UCR Campus Solar Roof Initiative

2022 National Excellence in Construction® Pyramid Award

for the Huntington Library Showcase Battery Project in San Marino, CA

You may find information on additional recognition from ABC SoCal on our blog.

Strengthening Industry and Community Through Collaboration

Stronghold Engineering team members remain involved with ABC SoCal in many ways. We value the opportunity to collaborate with other construction professionals in our community to stay current on industry trends, gain fresh perspectives, and give each other support. ABC SoCal is one way to do this. 

Here are a few examples of how our team members stay involved with ABC SoCal:

By staying involved with ABC SoCal, our team members gain as much as they give by giving back to the program that helped launch their careers and contribute to the advancement of the merit shop construction industry.

Thank you ABC SoCal for all you do and congratulations on 50 years of service!