Here at Stronghold Engineering, we’re pleased to announce that we’ve recently been awarded the prestigious ABC SoCal Regional Excellence Award. The award was presented in recognition of our exceptional work on the Sierra College Rocklin Project, and further cements Stronghold Engineering’s reputation for delivering unparalleled quality in each and every one of our initiatives.

Stronghold Engineering Recognized: The ABC SoCal Regional Excellence Award

At Stronghold Engineering, we’ve already achieved the STEP Platinum in 2023 through ABC’s STEP Safety Management Program. The additional recognition from the ABC SoCal Regional Excellence Award reinforces our dedication to excellence in construction and project delivery, as we strive to improve every single day. 

Such accolades ultimately solidify us as an exceptional partner to execute any construction project. Criteria for the award include the following categories, and we’ve proven that we go above and beyond to surpass each of these expectations:

  1. Quality of Workmanship
  2. Safety Record
  3. Employee Benefits
  4. Training Programs
  5. Community Relations and Diversity

How the Sierra College Rocklin Project Demonstrated Excellence 

The Sierra College Rocklin Project was a multi-million dollar undertaking that involved upgrades and replacements to many of the existing underground utility services on the campus in Rocklin, California. With work across 9,200 linear feet of a 300-acre campus, we faced and overcame many challenges over the course of this project. Here are just some of the biggest accomplishments that made our work on this project stand out:

Underground Utility Services Upgrade

Stronghold Engineering built a brand-new 12kV primary electrical service loop through the campus. This included disconnecting existing switchboards from utility transformers and installing new campus-owned step-down transformers.

Additionally, we built a new 480-square-foot I.T. Infrastructure Building, which serves as the central hub for low-voltage systems on campus. This state-of-the-art facility is equipped with communication racks, brand-new HVAC, and an 80-kW Generac Diesel backup generator.

Campus-Wide Utility Installations

We also upgraded and installed better utility systems throughout the Sierra College Rocklin campus.

  • Campus-Wide Fiber Optics: The construction of the new I.T. building and two major underground pathways allows for campus-wide fiber optics to link.
  • Plumbing: Upgraded infrastructure and trenching, better piping, and improvements to the main water supply.
  • Sewers and Irrigation: Improved infrastructure and manholes, additional features added.
  • Gas Lines: New gas lines with 6-inch steel piping above ground.

We also installed a new fire detection and control system for the previously mentioned I.T. building. This included a control panel, smoke detection system, control devices, notification devices, storage cylinders for agents, and piping for discharge.

Project Scale and Challenges

The Sierra College Rocklin project represented a significant undertaking due to its vast scale and the complex logistics involved. Given that the campus remained active throughout the construction period, meticulous planning and coordination were essential to minimize disruption.

This project also involved extensive trenching and infrastructure work, thus amplifying the project’s scale and complexity with a large workforce and significant resources. Considering the challenges we had to overcome to see a successful project, we are truly proud to receive recognition from ABC SoCal.

We Prioritize Safety In Every Project

At Stronghold Engineering, we take safety seriously—our commitment is how we kept our incidents to a bare minimum during our 216,120 hours of work on this project. We also developed a comprehensive safety-specific work plan for an active campus environment that was strictly adhered to and updated throughout the project duration.

Trust Stronghold Engineering for a Safe Work Site and Exceptional Results

Stronghold Engineering is a multi-award-winning construction company with a proven track record of delivering high-quality projects on time, within budget, and to the highest safety standards. Our commitment to excellence and safety has earned us recognition from esteemed organizations, including this latest accolade from ABC SoCal. 

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