Stronghold Engineering began designing the UPS San Diego Tesla Energy Storage System on April 17, 2019. After starting construction on June 22, 2020, the project was completed on September 15, 2020.

The project was composed of installing 5 Tesla batteries (555kw/ 1110kWh), a Tesla inverter, an ESS panel, a service utility disconnect, an underground conduit run, and an overhead conduit run painted to match the UPS facility.

The original proposed location for the system was located 250 feet away from the main service, meaning that distance had to be covered in a roundabout way in order to connect the two components. Stronghold redesigned the system to fit into a tighter area, adjacent to the main service board, eliminating the unnecessary distance for the conduit run, thus saving the client a significant amount of time and money for the project.

As work began onsite at the UPS trucking facility, the project’s superintendent Mike Kelly realized that it would be difficult to work during certain periods during the day with hundreds of trucks entering and exiting the project site. To alleviate potential issues, the Stronghold team tightly contained their work into a smaller-than-anticipated worksite, while staying extremely organized to avoid the busy and chaotic project site.

During work at the construction site, an unmarked utility was hit, however, the swift action of the Stronghold team ensured it was repaired within hours with no detriment to the facility or project. Additional challenges were presented by the coronavirus pandemic; which resulted in necessary inspections with the City of San Diego being delayed due to pandemic-related scheduling issues.

Despite a number of minor setbacks, the project was delivered under budget and ahead of schedule. Stronghold reached its goal of completing the project before the holiday rush began for UPS.

The UPS San Diego Tesla Energy Storage System project was a success regardless of unique circumstances brought on by the pandemic. 
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