At the heart of Northern California’s vibrant education scene, steeped in decades of tradition and excellence, stands the Sierra Joint Community College District.

On the Rocklin Project, we aimed to further elevate Sierra College by working to achieve project goals collaboratively with the campus.

Our Partnership with Sierra Joint Community College

As part of our venture with the Sierra Joint Community College District, we are privileged to contribute to the evolution of the Rocklin campus, a branch of Sierra College with a vibrant history dating back to 1962. Spread across an expansive 311 acres, the campus is home to architecturally diverse buildings that foster a rich learning environment for the students.

The goal of our collaborative project was to leverage state-of-the-art construction solutions to enhance the learning environment and foster a space that is not only conducive to academic achievement but also reflective of Sierra College’s commitment to sustainability and innovation.

What Sierra Community College Needed from Us

Sierra Community College had a problem: Their outdated underground utility services were in dire need of an upgrade. The existing infrastructure was inadequate to support the needs of students, faculty, and staff. Stronghold Engineering was awarded the project for a full replacement of the wide majority of their underground utilities.

We accepted the challenge with eagerness and enthusiasm; from planning to construction, our team worked diligently over several years to deliver a successful project.

How Stronghold Engineering Delivered

Throughout the project, our team coordinated closely with campus maintenance and staff to ensure that all phases of construction could be completed without interrupting the college operations. We used creative solutions such as temporary service connections and bypasses wherever possible to keep students safe and learning uninterrupted.

Additionally, we also constructed a new technology distribution center building to provide the infrastructure for monitoring and housing associated infrastructure equipment. With this, we helped establish a dependable and innovative utility service for the campus.

What Exactly Did This Project Involve?

We fully replaced, and in some cases extended, domestic water piping, fire water piping, sewer, storm drain, and natural gas distribution.

Likewise, our team excavated new underground pathways to support the new campus-wide data fiber optic backbone cabling. For electrical power distribution, this project removed the overhead PG&E (Pacific Gas & Electric) power lines and replaced them with a customer-owned 12kV electrical service loop that circled the entire campus.

We’re pleased to say that the project was a resounding success, and we’re proud to have contributed in upgrading Sierra College.

How Stronghold Uplifts Communities

At Stronghold Engineering, we believe in empowering communities through construction excellence. The Rocklin Project is another proud example of that commitment. We strive to leverage our expertise to uplift the lives of individuals in our communities, and projects such as this are an affirmation that we’re on the right track.

If you’re looking for a construction firm with a demonstrated track record of success in the field, reach out to us today. We want to make a difference in our communities. We’re excited to have the opportunity to work with you on your next project!