Last year, Caltrans put out a procurement for a contractor to build three buildings, an administrative building, an emergency operations center, and a maintenance facility, on their site in Fontana, CA. Stronghold responded with a bid according to Caltrans’ specifications and was awarded the job, officially starting Caltrans’ first design-build project.

Stronghold presented Caltrans with an innovative design that placed the three new buildings next to existing facilities instead of on the far side of Caltrans’ Fontana property. This choice reduces the amount of utility run needed to connect the two buildings, allowing Stronghold to allocate more of the budget to different enhancements on Caltrans’ wish list.

The only local Inland Empire contractor to pass the initial round of the selection process, Stronghold possesses area-unique knowledge and has established relationships with local subcontractors and subconsultants that will help Stronghold complete the project on budget and on time. This combined with their unique design, attention to detail, and phenomenal reputation gave Stronghold an edge over their competitors

The notice to proceed allows Stronghold to begin the project in May 2021, and Caltrans has allotted 498 days for both design and construction to meet a completion deadline of March 2023. To meet the quick turnaround, Stronghold will strategically begin applying for permits and working on-site in increments before designs are completed.

Although this is Caltrans’ first design build project, Stronghold is well-experienced in the process. Their unique ability to take the project from inception to completion without passing it off to another firm will add immeasurable value to Caltrans’ final product.

To learn more about other work design build work that Stronghold has completed, visit their Design Build Projects page.