cd_spawar Stronghold is once again being honored at the 23rd Annual ABC National Excellence in Construction Awards in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  On February 20th, the San Clemente BEQ and SPAWAR projects are both being awarded Pyramid Level Excellence Awards in their  respective categories. Scott Bailey, Denny McGahey,  and Mike King will be at the event to receive these awards and represent the entire Stronghold family as we are bestowed these great honors. Also, we Stronghold will be the exclusive Diversity Award Sponsors at this event helping  to honor this year’s Specialty Contractor Award category winners. This sponsorship offers Stronghold an opportunity to not only support diversity practices nationally, but it also proves that Stronghold holds the same values as when we were a smaller business looking for opportunities in the industry. With one hand we reach forward to strive for construction excellence.  With the other hand,  we reach back to help those that follow in our path. abc1