Within California’s construction industry, Stronghold Engineering stands out as a shining example of dedication to safety and excellence. Our commitment to fostering a culture of safety was celebrated at the AGC California’s Safety Excellence Awards, an esteemed event that honors the best in the industry. 

This accolade not only acknowledges a remarkable commitment to maintaining the highest safety standards, but also underscores our role in contributing to a culture of safety that resonates throughout the construction sector

About the Associated General Contractors of California

The Associated General Contractors (ACG) of California holds a prestigious award ceremony every year to recognize and elevate the safety standards of the construction industry. With a rich history spanning over a century, AGC of California has been a driving force behind the advancement of both experienced and emerging professionals in construction and contracting.

Peter Tateishi, the chief executive officer at AGC California, states, “Our primary goal as an industry is to ensure that every employee returns home safely to their loved ones, allow them to carry out their essential work in a safe environment, and contribute to California’s growth.”

With this recognition, Stronghold Engineering has become a testament to AGC’s dedication to safety in construction. 

Stronghold Engineering’s Prestigious Win

Stronghold Engineering’s triumph at the AGC California Safety Excellence Awards is a significant achievement that demonstrates that our company has gone above and beyond in exceeding the stringent safety norms of the construction industry.

Stronghold Engineering received the 1st place reward in the Building Division among companies with less than 500,000 worker hours. Considering that Stronghold self-performs 40% of its work in high risk trades including electrical, carpentry, and equipment operation, this is a particularly noteworthy accomplishment.

By achieving this feat, Stronghold Engineering sends a clear message to the industry—maintaining safety while handling large workforces is not just achievable, but should be the norm.

Stronghold Engineering’s Impact

Stronghold Engineering’s win at the AGC California Safety Excellence Awards solidifies its role as an industry leader in safety. It sets a high benchmark for other companies, and we hope to influence them to prioritize safety and exceed industry norms. We pride ourselves on promoting a culture of safety to redefine industry expectations and practices.

Safety is something we work towards every day, and our rigorous safety training program ensures that our employees are equipped to face the unique challenges of each project. Our team’s dedication to safety has led to an EMR rating of 0.70, proving that we have consistently maintained an exceptional safety record.

Our commitment to safety extends beyond our projects, as we continue to exceed industry standards and encourage peer companies to prioritize safety. By setting a higher bar, we strive to contribute towards a safer and more successful construction industry in California.

Trust Stronghold Engineering to Deliver Safe Projects

At Stronghold Engineering, we prioritize safety above all else. Our commitment to maintaining exemplary safety standards has earned us the trust of clients and industry experts alike, which was proved in the AGC California Safety Excellence Awards. When you choose Stronghold Engineering for your construction project, you can rest assured that safety is our top priority. Learn more about Stronghold Engineering and our dedication to safety within the industry.