Stronghold Engineering Attends Cal Con Expo In Anaheim, CA.

Stronghold’s purpose and goal of attending the Cal Con Expo in Anaheim, CA on July 19-20, 2018 was to recruit qualified, diverse and small business subcontractors to build relationships for bidding and teaming opportunities. We shared Stronghold’s mission statement and core values with as many subcontractors as possible so that they can gain a clear understanding of the vision of the company . The approximate number of subcontractors/attendees was between 1,500-2,000, all from many different sectors of the industry. Stronghold is committed to uniting small business with opportunities in the construction industry, and not only is the outreach important in building new relationships with subcontractors, but also extending our knowledge of the industry to those smaller and newer companies. There are many businesses looking for work who still have not filed and received appropriate certifications and designations for their company, and unfortunately hurts their opportunity to bid on many of the jobs that are available, including with Stronghold. The Cal Con Expo allowed us not only to meet new qualified subcontractors, but also help educate others on the importance of getting and becoming a certified/designated company, and how they can bid on jobs with our company. Events and expositions like these are ever more important to the value and sustainability of a strong construction industry. Joining and uniting others with a common interest creates more opportunities for everyone involved and helps nurture a healthy and thriving construction industry.