In another technical competition like the Hotel Sandford, Stronghold shined by showcasing its experience, skill sets, resources, and commitment in being awarded the $8 million Riverside Municipal Auditorium Project. Conceived in 1919 as a monument to Riverside Soldiers who died in WWI, the Riverside Auditorium was built in Stronghold’s home city of downtown Riverside. The auditorium was then dedicated in 1929 as the Municipal Auditorium and Soldiers Memorial Building with an inscription that still reads, “There is no glory like his who saves his country.” During a 5.4 magnitude earth quake in 2010, the building had a little scare and, as a result, the City of Riverside decided to move forward with the building’s needed renovation and seismic retrofit. Stronghold will be partnering with our long-time strategic design partner, Ravatt, Albrecht & Associates (RAA), on the City of Riverside’s $8 million Riverside Renaissance Municipal Auditorium Renovation and Seismic Retrofit Project. The Riverside Municipal Auditorium is a six-story, plus basement, building that is approximately 53,000 sf of reinforced concrete structure that is home to a 1,776 seat auditorium. Stronghold and RAA will work together to provide design and construction services as we renovate, seismic retro fit and re-roof the Riverside Municipal Auditorium. This project is very special to Stronghold as it allows the Company to improve a significant historic building for the City, and it’s only a “stone’s throw away” from our corporate office. As Stronghold celebrates its 20 year history, we also get the opportunity to help the City preserve some of its very own history by successful completing this historic Riverside Municipal Auditorium.