Stronghold Engineering, Inc. (Stronghold) recently completed the design and construction to replace three Main Substations (T-17, T-19, and T-21) at the United States Naval Academy’s postgraduate school, Naval Support Activity Monterey (NSAM), in Monterey, California. The three (3) substations consisted of the replacement of three (3) pad-mounted transformers distribution line-ups, and one (1) 500 kW diesel generator and the associated work of locating existing underground utilities, asphalt saw-cutting and paving, excavation/trenching, construction of duct banks, soil backfilling and compaction of trenches, demolition of existing building, concrete pads, electrical equipment (i.e., transformers, high voltage switches), and electrical cables. This $3 million dollar project received an Exceptional rating for Quality, Schedule, Management, and Safety from client NAVFAC Southwest. “In support of an exceptional rating the contractor produced an end product that exceeded the Government’s expectations.”