Lunch and Learn | Stronghold Engineering At Stronghold Engineering, Health and Wellness has a always been an important value to the company. This year being no different, The Health and Wellness committee put together a truly inspiring and motivating Lunch and Learn event for the Stronghold Team. We were honored to have two great guest speakers come and educate and share their stories with our employees. Kicking off the event, Eric Oliver from KO Fitness in Riverside, CA lent his expertise in developing an exercise plan by sharing a few of his key pointers to starting and staying motivated. It wasn’t just a note-taking event: Eric lead the group in a quick round of calisthenic exercises, focusing on squats, jumping jacks, push ups and more. Eric is the owner of KO Fitness located on Tyler St. in Riverside, CA. His gym focuses exclusively on one-on-one and group personal training. If you want to learn more about KO Fitness be sure to visit their website. Not only was this a day to learn about exercise and how to stay motivated, but an inspiring story about how focusing on our health and diet can make a huge impact in our lives. Our second guest, a well-known local radio host shared her story and spiritual journey on her road to a healthy life. Diana Wehbe was only 25 years old when she learned the news that she had a large cyst on her ovaries and while going through testing learned that she was also diagnosed with Type II diabetes. Diana shared with our team how she made the decision to put her faith in God and began to completely change her diet and unhealthy lifestyle. Changing her life and curing herself from her illness, Diana now focuses on sharing her journey with others in hope to inspire and help others make those healthy lifestyle changes. To learn more about Diana and her mission please visit The Purpose Foundation’s website.