32 years ago, Stronghold was conceived on a simple idea—to make the world a better place through construction. Our core values of integrity, commitment, and collaboration remain at the heart of all our efforts today.

Ever since we started, community engagement has come to define our team and our mission; we believe that by investing in our local communities, we can create a better tomorrow.

The Charity Committee

When we first began, we had big ideas but no way of knowing where to start. We had to figure out where our team could make the most impact and what that impact could look like. In response to this need, the Charity Committee was established, ran and funded entirely by Stronghold employees.

For almost 10 years, our team has come together to think of the best ways to give back. We talk about non-profits we want to support, causes that we care about, and volunteer opportunities in the community that need our help. Last year, we had the privilege of

  • Raising over $15,300 for charity in total through contributions and fundraising
  • Raising $9,237 in employee payroll contributions
  • Dedicating $10,041 to support various Stronghold families in need 

Identifying Community Needs

The first step towards making an impact is to understand the needs of your community. The Charity Committee has developed a needs assessment process that helps us identify which areas we are best suited to address.

This includes involving the rest of the team in our efforts, understanding their interests and passions, and creating projects that align with your values and expertise. Through this process, you can prioritize causes that will make the biggest impact and create long-term value for your community.

Fostering a Culture of Giving

The STEM field is often thought of as a field that only values technical skills, often foregoing the importance of empathy and social responsibility. At Stronghold, we’d like to change this narrative. We believe that through construction, we can make a real difference in our communities.

To help foster a culture of philanthropy, Stronghold provides incentives for team members to volunteer their time and skills. We recognize the value of investing our collective wisdom into meaningful projects that have an impact on our local community. By coming together as a team, we can make an even larger impact in our communities.

Collaborating with Local Partners

We understand that our team alone can only do so much, which is why it’s a great idea to collaborate with local organizations and nonprofits. By leveraging our expertise and resources, as well as those of our partners, we can make a bigger difference in the communities where we operate.

Feeding America

Last year, we donated 270 lbs of food during Feeding America‘s annual food drive!

American Cancer Society

We participated in their Construction vs. Cancer event where we’re proud to have raised over $2,500.

Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital

In collaboration with the #Hoods2Help event, we’re ecstatic to have raised $56,256 to support the children’s hospital.

Blindness Support Services

As part of our annual collaboration, we raised enough funds to buy a Christmas present for every single child that benefits from Blindness Support Services!

Empowering Employee-led Initiatives

If the goal is to make an impact in our communities, it’s important to foster a culture of creativity and innovation within your team. To this end, Stronghold takes steps to empower employees to propose and lead their own community engagement initiatives.

We provide resources such as funding, mentorship, and coaching to help employees ideate and develop projects that have an impact on the local community. These projects can even be as simple as helping a friend. For instance, in 2022, we raised over $1k to buy a brand-new washing machine for a Stronghold family that needed it.

Skills-Based Volunteering

Our team has a vast array of skills and expertise that can be leveraged to make a difference, which is why we strive to recognize the unique talents of our employees and offer them opportunities to apply their knowledge in meaningful ways.

We’re proud to have developed several projects where employee skills were instrumental in making a difference:

Girl Scouts Shed Build

We brought our experienced carpenters and electrical tradesmen together to build two tack room sheds in their Azalea Camp. After a few months of volunteered weekends, the camp was able to store the horse tack in a safe and comfortable environment.

Patricia Beatty Elementary School Stage Build

Our dedicated employees volunteered their time and skills to build an outdoor amphitheater for the students of Patricia Beatty Elementary School. After over $26,000 in donated material, the students have a dedicated space for performances and assemblies!

Extending the Impact 

If there is one thing we’ve learned in our 30-year journey, it’s that no impact is ever too small—we all have the power to make a difference. At Stronghold Engineering, we hope that by sharing our experiences and stories, we can inspire others to take action and join us in making a lasting positive impact on their communities.

We invite you to join us in our mission; make a difference today and help build the future of tomorrow. Check out our efforts to give back to the community and see how your skills can make an impact. Together, we can create a brighter future for our communities.