North Island Coronado, California Project Type: Design Build Electrical Installation Status: Under Construction For this design build electrical installation project, Stronghold will be removing 23 existing Flight Line Electrical Distribution System (FLEDS) boxes, relocating underground raceways and installing new conductors to new helicopter parking spaces and installing new FLEDS. A new electrical distribution system will be provided to include (3) new 575 volt 400 HZ/312 kVA Frequency Converters that will supply both 400 HZ and 60 HZ power to new FLEDS. Each FLED will be equipped with (2) 80 LF Aircraft cables and connectors to “plug” into the helicopters. Each FLEDS box installation will provide ground electrical power to two (2) helicopters. Civil aspects of the project will include new concrete duct bank encasement of all conduits and new concrete placement on the airfield parking apron in our excavated construction areas. Additionally, new taxiway paint striping will be applied to the airfield marking the 51 relocated helicopter parking spaces. Finally, seven (7) existing storm grates shall be replaced with new galvanized units.