Upland Unified School District Solar Installation Project

Citrus Elementary – 925 W 7th Street, Upland
Foothill Knolls Academy – 1245 Veterans Court, Upland
Upland Jr. High School – 444 E 11th Street, Upland
Magnolia Elementary – 465 W 15th Street, Upland
Pepper Tree Elementary – 1045 W 18th Street, Upland

This project for Upland Unified School District provides installation of photovoltaic shade structures at 5 of the school’s sites within the District. Citrus Elementary will install 121.5kW. Foothills Knolls Academy will install 108kW. Upland Jr. High School will install 192.6kW. Magnolia Elementary will install 67.5kW. Pepper Tree Elementary will install 148.5kW. The work also includes removing parking pole lights, signage or other obstructions from the system locations at each site. Procuring steel carport structures and securing in place. Procuring panels, inverters and balance of system per the specifications. Performing both AC and DC work required to install the panels. Coordinating with the school for the interconnection of the PV system to the electrical switchgear. Providing and installing the necessary materials and equipment to connect the inverter system to the school network for monitoring. Restriping parking areas as necessary. Addition of ADA improvements. Facilitating final inspections with SCE for permission to operate and provide cutover services for the project.