Laguna Beach, California Cost: $6 Million Status: Completed This project consisted of the demolition of an existing public restroom and lifeguard headquarters, in order to construct a new multiple level, 9,000 square foot facility in Laguna Beach, California. Demolition includes hazardous material abatement and an abandoned concrete sewer lift station located below the existing station. The new construction requires Stronghold to install a watertight secant wall shoring system before constructing a facility utilizing concrete and masonry materials. Quality construction was a key factor considering that the construction of the basement would be at below sea level and a waterproofing envelope is key to the projects success. The challenges of construction includes limited access from Pacific Coast Highway to the miniscule construction staging area on a public beach. After the commencement of construction, this access was further limited to another project starting adjacent construction of a new sewer lift station. Further complicating the project is the limited construction hours mandated by the location of the construction site.