Stronghold Engineering is a proud sponsor and advocate of producing greatness within our industry. To provide greatness, you must educate and prepare those who you expect greatness from. Every year we hand select and sponsor apprentices who we feel exemplify the potential to be great leaders, great advocates of our industry and great partners alongside their brothers and sisters on the construction site. We fully support our team members as they work to become ABC apprenticeship graduates.

This year, we are proud to announce the 4 graduates of the Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC), Southern California Chapter, Apprenticeship Program:  

Andrew Safai – Received the Top Gun Award from Southwire

Ean Orchard – Received the Student of the Year Award

Shane Forrester

Anthony Coreas

This 4-year long educational path to perfect their skills and craftsmanship requires dedication, loyalty, and perseverance from these graduates. The special awards given to Andrew and Ean are for outstanding quality, craftsmanship and excellence. Andrew’s Top Gun Award was given to him for the highest test scores of any member of the apprenticeship program, throughout his entire 4-years as well as his perfect attendance. Because of his award, Andrew gets to travel to the Southwire headquarters in Georgia to attend “Southwire University”. Ean received the Student of the Year award due to his stellar academics and perfect attendance. 

Speaking with the Executive Vice President of the Southern California Chapter, Doug Sawyer, Sr., these awards are extremely significant awards. “As the Executive VP with over 40 years as an educator at the college level and with ABC for 23 years, I’ve only selected 6 students to be instructors before graduation, Andrew and Ean were the 5th and 6th out of 1000’s of graduates, reminds you of the qualities these 2 students possess.” – Doug Sawyer, Sr.

Every year alongside the graduation, ABC Chapters across the nation have chapter competitions called “Craft Championships”. Each 3rd and 4th year apprentice can compete at an annual competition. The competition is a day long event in their trades where they compete for time, precision, safety and cleanliness. We had 2 participants this year. Andrew Safai who competed in the Electrical trade “Commercial and Industrial” segment and Ean Orchard who competed in the Electrical Trade “Residential and Commercial” segment. Both participants won FIRST PLACE in their competitions. Under normal circumstances these two competitors would advance to the National Craft Championship, unfortunately due to COVID, the Nationals were cancelled this year. They’re winners, nonetheless. 

Congratulations to Stronghold’s 2020 ABC Apprenticeship Graduates & Craft Champions!