Ironwood HVAC Partner Join Together For Team Building Workshop.

Representatives from Stronghold Engineering Inc. (Stronghold) attended the first Ironwood State Prison HVAC Partnering Workshop on August 16th, 2018 in Blythe, California.  This strategic partnering meeting and project kick-off celebration were held to commemorate the start of the $121 million HVAC project that was awarded to Stronghold in May by the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR). Designed to break down barriers and open lines of communication, these quarterly workshops will be attended by Stronghold team members, CDCR, Construction Management (CM) representatives, and Subcontractors. The focus of these partnering meetings will be to set expectations, define goals, establish budgets and schedules, and plan for security issues.  Working together, our purpose will be to achieve a successful project overall.  Establishing and planning for these goals ahead of time provide an environment for open discussion from all partners and creates an opportunity for all parties to develop a trusting relationship between each other in an effort to reduce risk and error. More than simply discussing the tasks at hand, the Ironwood HVAC partners look to use the quarterly workshops to build a strong relationship that gives everyone the tools they need to succeed.


This critical HVAC project is  set to replace the ineffective evaporative cooling units with chilled water units on the housing units and support buildings. Installation of a new roofing membrane system and fire alarm system will also be performed. Located in Blythe, approximately 150 miles east of Riverside just south of Interstate 10, the minimum-to-medium security prison was originally constructed in 1994.  The prison was designed for 2,200 male inmates.  The project includes the construction of a new Central Chilled Water Plant, Thermal Energy Storage Tank, and an underground chilled water distribution loop. The new site-wide Alarm System will be installed in institution buildings, including the Institution Firehouse located at the adjacent Chuckawalla Valley State Prison.


The largest single project in Stronghold history is expected to be completed in at the end of June 2020.