Nestled in the vibrant city of Riverside, California, Stronghold Engineering has initiated a groundbreaking project that seamlessly merges history with innovation—the Farm House Collective. This project is particularly special, as the Bailey family, owners of Stronghold Engineering, are owners and developers of the project and Stronghold Engineering is contractor making the development a reality in the hopes of enriching a community dear to all of us!

Join us as we unveil the Farm House Collective and witness the transformative power of blending history with modernity.

The Farm House Collective: Blending History and Modernity

Situated on the historic grounds of Riverside Farm House Motel, the Farm House Collective promises a transformation that marries the rich tapestry of the past with contemporary life. The Riverside Farm House Motel, a storied relic that has remained dormant since 2007, can be traced back to the early 50s—a time when Riverside was taking its first steps toward modernity.

It was on these historic grounds that the family saw the potential of the abandoned motel: “We saw it sitting vacant. My family came to the city with an unsolicited proposal to do an eatery, retail, and event space with a beer garden.”

The motel’s iconic horse statue and neon sign will be reinstated at the entrance to the shops, along with a newly acquired buggy to replace the previous one. The plan is to keep the integrity and essence of the farm-themed motel, but reopen it with modern utilities.

Our Project’s Features

Original motel structures, steeped in history, will be repurposed into dynamic retail, delicious eateries and cultural spaces. Decades ago, its buildings stood tall in red and white, and soon they will stand tall once more. These revitalized spaces will host a vibrant array of dining and shopping experiences, breathing new life into Riverside’s social and economic landscape.

Retail, Eateries, and Cultural Spaces

Among the many exciting prospects, the Farm House Collective will introduce nine food and beverage options and six new retail establishments. These spaces will offer diverse culinary delights and unique shopping experiences, promising something for everyone.

“They’re all new businesses to Riverside, which is exciting,” Digangi stated, “…maybe their location is Redlands or Rancho, and now they’ll have a location in Riverside.”

So far, food options are vast, with everything from acai bowls to Filipino food. The retail section promises to bring a modern yet retro flair to Riverside, with additions like a record store, a vintage thrift shop, and eco-friendly products. 

Promenade and Recreational Features 

A meticulously designed promenade will wind its way through the revitalized motel buildings, adorned with water features, captivating art installations, and lush green areas. 

It’s here, beneath the canopy of string lights, that the Farm House Collective will come alive with live music, cultural performances, and a vibrant atmosphere of outdoor entertainment.

Sustainable Transportation Initiatives

This project is immensely special to us, so we’ve taken it upon ourselves to ensure that everyone gets a chance to experience it. As part of this initiative, the project will offer an array of alternative transportation methods, including bike racks, pedestrian pathways, and public bus access. 

Ride-sharing drop off will be accessible, making the location both sustainable and accessible to all. Additional parking options will be provided in addition to these sustainable ways of transport.

Giving Back: The Farm House Collective’s Community Impact 

Ultimately, Stronghold Engineering’s dedication to its community shines through in the Farm House Collective—by breathing new life into this cherished relic, we seek to create job opportunities, support local businesses, and invigorate the area’s economy. 

Perhaps most importantly, it also promises to culturally enrich Riverside, revitalizing the region and transforming it into a must-visit destination for everyone. 

Experience the Future of Riverside at Farm House Collective 

The Farm House Collective exemplifies our commitment to innovation and community betterment. As we eagerly anticipate the project’s completion in the spring of 2024, we invite you to join us in shaping the future of Riverside.

For media inquiries and the latest project updates, you can contact one of our team members. The Farm House Collective is more than a project; it’s both a celebration of Riverside’s history and a glimpse into its bright future.