Yuma, Arizona Cost: $1.9 Million Status: Under Construction This project requires that the grid-tied, Solar Photovoltaic Power Systems (SPVPS) be designed, procured, and installed on the rooftops of four buildings at Marine Corps Air Station Yuma (MCAS), Arizona. Each of the systems offer top quality Tier One products with extended warranties included to ensure the lowest Total Ownership Cost (TOC) or Life Cycle Costs (LCC) available. The SPVPS consists of photovoltaic module arrays mounted on support structures and brackets with electrical terminal and combiner boxes, quick-connect electrical connectors, and inverters as well as isolation transformer, Alternating Current (AC) disconnects, and a connection to Itron-Centron Meter. Stronghold will also provide new, upgraded switchgear/switchboard at a designated point of connection in accordance with NAVFAC SW PW Utilities Engineering Standards, latest edition of NEC, and other applicable codes and standards.